How to Install Crown Molding

Steps: 1. Use a self-locking C-clamp to secure a short 1x4 to the saw table. Position the board at the correct distance from the saw's fence to hold the crown at the proper angle.

2. Set the crown molding upside down against the saw fence and the 1x4 stop block. Cut a return into the end of a length of molding with the saw blade set at 45 degrees.

3. Rotate the saw to the opposite angle and make a second 45-degree miter cut on the other end of the molding.

4. Glue the small return piece onto the mitered end of the crown.

5. Fasten the crown to the wall using a pneumatic finishing nailer. Be sure to drive the nails into wall studs.

6. Cut a 45-degree miter onto each end of a length of crown.

7. On the end that fits into a wall corner, use coping saw to cut a coped joint. Carefully saw along the profile on the face of the molding. Fine-tune the coped cut with a file and sandpaper.

8. Nail the crown molding in place with the coped end pressed tightly against the piece of crown installed previously.

9. Cut a 45-degree miter on the end of the next length of crown to form a scarf joint.

10. Spread a little glue on the scarf joint, slide the pieces tightly together, and nail the crown to the wall.

What do PU building materials?

PU building materials is a new kind of decorative materials, mainly characterized by very light and fire, water, decay, mildew, crack. Facilitate the construction is simple, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor decorative materials, is a new type of green decoration materials. The main products are overcast moldings, carvings, moldings, waist, baseboard, trunk, decorative flower pieces, wall units, Medallions, Ceiling, Roman, various sculptures, frames, lamp holders, door trim and other products and can accept samples. PU lines and other decorative products, nails, sawing, planing, washable, flexible shape, no cracks, no distortion, no insects, indoor and outdoor can be used. Installation is simple, clear and natural pattern effect, elegant and luxurious. PU building materials characteristics:

1. low cost: low construction costs, simply decorated. Surface coating has been completed, can be sawed, nailed, glued, saving 80% of the construction cost than wood cement plaster products. (Exactly the same construction methods and timber)

2. Environmental protection: the use of a compound fiber as raw material, reducing deforestation, renovation projects meet the national standard non-toxic green products.

3. Fire resistance: The company's products meet the B2 level through national fire detection standards, can not fully meet the spontaneous combustion, no combustion of the properties.

4. Waterproof: non-absorbent, impermeable, deformation, both mildew resistance. Easy to clean, like new forever. Compared with the traditional plaster and moldings, has obvious advantages.

5. light and hard: light weight, hardness, good flexibility and toughness. No cracks, no distortion, no shedding, durable and strong.

6. Rich Surface treatment: The company's products surface treatment technology is mature, rich color, style, technology for customers to buy. You can also accept custom, random matching colors, styles and techniques, to meet customer requirements.

7. wood effect: the company's interior design beautiful, unique style, with wood effect, the function is more than solid wood, in recent years, the new darling of upholstery material.

8.PU material advantages compared to plaster, wood and other traditional materials products:

9.PU using polymer composite materials, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. PU building materials and gypsum comparison:

1) plaster fragile, PU good strength to withstand the normal beat no damage;

2) gypsum will produce fine fibers and dust, damage the respiratory system, PU polymer materials and mold temperature molding, does not produce any fine dust fiber, harmless (advance Description: superficial effect of the product surface will paint, If the customer time is very tight, we rush delivery time, then the smell of paint surface is not cleared, there will be a pungent odor, as long as three to five days after a natural place, the smell will be cleared, after the human body without any irritation );

3) plaster and wood are afraid afraid of water influx, rainy weather, wet through under large, there is mildew, deformation, PU materials do not have these problems, PU products can be directly immersed in the water does not matter; wood fear insects, PU material is a polymer material, it is not interested in insects, you can rest assured;

4) heavy wood, gypsum even heavier, logistics, installation, maintenance and so more difficult, costly, PU material is very light, with only one fortieth to fiftieth volume of gypsum products, installation is very convenient method with the wood, only one-third to one-fifth of the workload, a person can operate the product left hand, right hand installation, saving your installation, use and maintenance costs;

5) To deforestation wood, plaster generate dust, are not very friendly to the environment, PU use of polymer materials, non-toxic and harmless to the environment, the new century, the key word is environmentally friendly, low-carbon, PU material adapted to this requirement , is the development trend;

6) PU decorative material products have been used in the United States and Europe for over ten years, now began to promote the country, the future trend, it must be its superior performance and environmental protection, decorative materials into the mainstream! PU Product Application:

1. through a special process, PU products with its own advantages to win the recognition of consumers, are widely used in villa construction, building decoration, renovation of old buildings and so on.

2. in the upscale residential, villas, guesthouses, hotels, entertainment venues for religious activities, office space, the company renovated conference hall and all other indoor and outdoor venues.

3. PU products in the curtain wall applications: the country to promote the cause of building energy efficiency, not only gave birth to an unprecedented building energy market, but also the traditional decorative materials presented a huge challenge. The traditional curtain wall systems - aluminum and stone, it is to achieve the desired energy savings, can only add to the scene shop mineral wool or polyurethane foam mats way filling the gap between the curtain and the wall. This only exacerbated the overall difficulty of construction, but also significantly extend the overall construction period. To traditional insulation coating composition, the layers of insulation and construction coatings, Cengcengbaguan, so on-site construction of the uncertainty is further amplified not only harder to guarantee quality, time becomes less controllable. Now, we have successfully developed a PU material applied directly to the curtain wall installation techniques can significantly improve these shortcomings, improving the user's ROI, reduce energy consumption aspects of society, the application of this insulation decorative integration technology, have played to a very significant role in pu decorative building advantages:

1. Construction cost reduction: The surface coating has been completed, you can play, can be sawed, nailed, glued, 80% of the cost savings than wood and cement products.

2. Lightweight: lightweight good hardness, flexibility and good toughness.

3. Overall: the overall planning and design, simple and elegant, art treasures.

4. Waterproof: does not absorb moisture, impermeable, both mildew resistance.

5. corrosion resistance: acid, absolutely no insects, no raw termites

6. Fire resistance: This product is detected by the National Fire Center in line with the B2 level, can fully meet the unnatural, not combustion of properties.

7. Environmental protection: the use of a compound fiber as raw material, reduce deforestation. Elegant, beautiful, classical, is the ideal home accessories


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